Monday, June 15, 2009

Laguna Gloria

This weekend we went to Laguna Gloria, which is part of the Austin Museum of Art (AMOA). This beautiful Mediterranean-style villa boasts an enchanting charm that is truly remarkable. The historic house was built in 1916, and is now a 12 acre park/museum/art school over-looking lake Austin. The inside of the home is just as beautiful as the outside, but unfortunately we couldn’t get any pics of the inside because they were having a special event. Bummer. However, without further ado, here are some of the shots I got on our nature walk.

Steps down to the trail

One of the only flowers in the sea of green

Close-up of the wishin well

One of the statues in The Four Seasons Garden

A dragonfly I made friends with. I shall call him Mr. Flutter Bug

A cute little bench at the Temple of Love. Can ya' feel the love?

This is for sure one of my favorite places in Austin. I had a great time at Laguna Gloria-AMOA this weekend!

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